Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy Mothersday !!!

Now I know its mothers day tomorrow in America so I thought I would repost My mothers day card for the benefit of those of you who are American. So here it is.

Its a DL card (8"x4"). In a peachy pinky colour (not sure which brand). Sorry x
I started out by cutting three scalloped circles from my spellbinders dies. I drew some lines on the back and trimmed them down to make three little dresses.
 Its a bit hard to explain so hopefully these pictures will help.
Count three scallops across each side of the bottom point.
Then draw a line from that point to the opposite top point.
Then cut along the red lines.
Hopefully you will get something that looks like this.

I put ribbon around the waist and added some glitter to each of the scallops.
 I added a piece of ribbon.
And used the cheater method to tie a bow.
I aded a black brad to each end of the ribbon just to keep it in place, and thats that.

Thanks for reading, Sarah xoxox

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