Sunday, 8 May 2011

London Landmarks Card

As I promised you there would be a card with my stamps coming soon, I decided to make on today.
Here it is...
I started off with a white regular A2 sized card, and added a piece of parchment type paper. I wanted the card to have an old vintage style look and feel, so thats why I used the browns and parchment.

I inked aver the whole piece and gave it that really old paper look. I pulled up the corners to make it seem worn and tattered so I also inked those a little lighter.

From this...                                                                       To this...

Next I went to google images and printed of a picture of an old London map.  Again I wanted it to look old so I screwed it up, tore it, sanded the edges, made a couple of wholes and inked. 
From this...                                                                       To this...
Then I added it to the card in the top right corner. I was going to put it in the centre but I wanted to see more of the map and I thought if I put it in the top corner Id have room for a sentiment. 

Next I stamped my stamps with the same ink, then I used some cut and dry foam to rub ink across the image background. I also used the same ink for this I just didn't put as much pressure so it would be lighter and you could still see the stamped image. 
I think they look like old sepia photos witch was the exact effect I was going for. This particular one has a bit of a blob in the top centre, but old photos weren't perfect so Im not that bothered about that. Happy Accident. 

I stuck them down and to finish off the card I added a sentiment in the bottom corner witch says...

Every JOURNEY needs a roadmap.
I used the same technique, inking and sanding.


And thats the card, Thank you for reading, Sarah xoxox

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