Friday, 24 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day !!!

Hey everyone Im sorry I know I'm a little late but my blogger has been down :( But this is the fathers day card I made this year. If you cant see its a shirt and tie. It was nice and quick to make and pretty simple the hardest part for me was probably cutting the collar haha. If you are wondering why I will explain a little farther down. Get it huh huh ??? Not further down, farther down for fathers day, bad joke yeah I know x

So this is the card.  I do love it. I just think its so god darn cute. I actually made this card for my granddad and he always wears shirts and ties and he even has one this colour.

I made it a 6"x6" square card, I used a DCWV stack that is called 'match maker bright textured card stock stack' in bright. The stack is perfect for this card as the texture of the papers is just  like the cotton texture of a shirt.  So the stack is 12"x12" so I just had to cut it in half. 
To make the collar I measured about an inch down from the top and cut in wards leaving about 1"-1 1/2" in the middle. Then I just folded both strips into the middle. Now the reason I said this was probably the hardest part was because I had to cut along the fold of the card. I know what your thinking, that doesn't sound that hard. Well it wasn't. Nothing about this card was.

But anyway, next you'll need to take a 4 1/2" square piece of card. The piece I used was also from a DCWV card stock stack called 'the patterned glittered stack'. This is used to make the tie. First you'll need to fold it in half. I have made a diagram to help you a little more.
First you need to fold it in half diagonally (along the dotted line), then unfold again. Its just like making a paper aeroplane at first because next you'll have to fold the sides in to the line. 

Next turn it over and fold the top pointy part down about a 1/3 of the way. then fold it back up again so it looks like a little swan from the side. 

 Now turn it back over and fold the point down as far as you can to form the knot. Then fold the sides in again to the middle line and your tie should be complete. 

 So I said it was simple. well it was but my explanation might be a little confusing, sorry about that but I tried. haha Thank you for reading Sarah xoxox

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Im back !!!

Helloo everyone !!!

I have missed my blogging soo much, how are you all ??? Sorry its been so long but as you will all know I was on holiday in Florida !!! for 3 weeks so I was un able to make anything let alone post and once I was home I was jet lagged for a few days as there is a 5 hour time difference !!! So I still didnt get to post. Then I was back at school and didnt really get any time to, but anyway im back up and running and ready to post very soon. It may be a project or may be a very long and exciting haul !!! My first ever haha x So I'll speak to you all soon xoxox Thank you for reading and staying interested haha xoxox