Sunday, 22 May 2011

My Finished Project.

Hello everyone. Im off on holiday on wednesday so I thought I'd better get posting. I'll be away for 2 weeks so I wont be able to post while I am, but hopefully I'll be able to post again today or tomorrow !!!

So anyway, at school I've been working on a project in woodwork. I was supposed to be designing and making a clock but my teacher said he wanted me to do something a bit harder so here it is. 

It's a 12"x12" paper holder with different compartments. It's made of MDF and held together with PVA glue, it's surprisingly strong too.

I started out by cutting 4x  12"x12" sides and glued them all together. This took up a 1 hour lesson as I had to let it dry in a vice. 

So next I used a big machine with a blade in it to cut 
the sides. I wanted them to look like they just swept 
across, so I didn't just do straight lines. I curved 
them as you can see in the picture to the right.   
The first sweep stops at 2" down then the next one 
continues from there and stops at 5" down and the last sweep continuing from there and ending at 8" down.  So the front is 4" and the back is 12". 

Then I cut two panels, one at 12"x 6" and one at 12"x 8". I was going to glue these into place but I decided no to so that I could have a smaller section or a larger section. 

Finally I just added some of my paper pads and that was pretty much it, done. I may paint it white but I'm not sure yet, if I do I'll let you know. 

Thank you for reading, Sarah xoxox 

Saturday, 14 May 2011

National Scrapbook Day Project

As you all well know it was National Scrapbook Day last saturday, so I thought I'd share my project. Hope you like it.  It's a mini book of my little kitty's, I haven't added any pictures yet, but I'll explain photo sections as we go along. I only just started it so there isn't much done but as I add more I will share it with you.  So here is the front. I believe the paper I used was from the dcwv (die cuts with a view) blossom & butterflies paper stack but I'm not positive. I added some ribbons to the d rings to make it look a bit prettier. 
I also Cut out to little paws from another paper that I have, I stuck one down and I put the other on a pop dot.  I did this throughout the mini so that I can insert photos in and the paws act like photo corners I guess, but I can also move them around if I want to.

This is the second page and as you can see I used the same technique in the middle of this page again for a photo or some journaling paper. 

I added some stickers for a little dimension, they are little glittered and foiled kitty's from Hobbycraft. They don't seem to carry these particular ones anymore but there are some other cute ones. (  
I also used some other stickers from hobby craft there are multiple designs with glazes, strings, ribbons and gems. 

On the next page I set it in the garden. On one side I used a flowery paper from Papermania, and on the other side I cut out leaf's from the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge and used some brown parchment paper to create a tree. I also made a branch to the side on witch I stuck another of the cat stickers. I made a flap in the trunk of the tree so that I can add a hidden photo. 
 Finally the last page I did was a play page its just a plain piece of striped paper so that I can add many photos, but I added a little embellishment in the bottom corner. 
Now I thought I'd add some pictures of my kitty's themselves. 

 They aren't the best pictures but they are cute. 

Me: Sleepy ??? Rascle (cat): How about using the drier as a bed ??? Me: well it it rather warm in there, if you must. 

 Dizzee (cat): How about the sofa ???
Me: go on then. hey thats my cushion !!!

Rascle: yes, have I done something wrong ??? 
 Rascle: I wonder where Dizzee is ??? 

 Rascle: who cares, I'm so cosy !!!
 Rascel: Huh !!!
 Rascle: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
Together again, yay !!!!
Thanks for reading, Sarah xoxox

Sunday, 8 May 2011

London Landmarks Card

As I promised you there would be a card with my stamps coming soon, I decided to make on today.
Here it is...
I started off with a white regular A2 sized card, and added a piece of parchment type paper. I wanted the card to have an old vintage style look and feel, so thats why I used the browns and parchment.

I inked aver the whole piece and gave it that really old paper look. I pulled up the corners to make it seem worn and tattered so I also inked those a little lighter.

From this...                                                                       To this...

Next I went to google images and printed of a picture of an old London map.  Again I wanted it to look old so I screwed it up, tore it, sanded the edges, made a couple of wholes and inked. 
From this...                                                                       To this...
Then I added it to the card in the top right corner. I was going to put it in the centre but I wanted to see more of the map and I thought if I put it in the top corner Id have room for a sentiment. 

Next I stamped my stamps with the same ink, then I used some cut and dry foam to rub ink across the image background. I also used the same ink for this I just didn't put as much pressure so it would be lighter and you could still see the stamped image. 
I think they look like old sepia photos witch was the exact effect I was going for. This particular one has a bit of a blob in the top centre, but old photos weren't perfect so Im not that bothered about that. Happy Accident. 

I stuck them down and to finish off the card I added a sentiment in the bottom corner witch says...

Every JOURNEY needs a roadmap.
I used the same technique, inking and sanding.


And thats the card, Thank you for reading, Sarah xoxox

Saturday, 7 May 2011

London Landmarks Stamps

My CDT (creative design and technology) teacher at school has his own company and I was talking to him about me making cards and scrapbooking and he told me that he made rubber stamps many years ago. So today he brought me some in free of charge how kind. So I thought Id just share them with you and Ill do a project soon. They are all of famous London landmarks.

The first one is of the houses of parliament.
This is the actual stamps its self. It is so detailed and deeply etched, you can see every single detail.
Here it is stamped. The images are so clear and detailed. They have boarders around the edge but if you didnt want the boarder you could just not ink it.

This is another one it is of the national gallery, this is again very detailed and deeply etched.
Here it is stamped.

The next is of St. Paul's cathedral.

The stamped Version.
This one also has a reverse...

And the final on is of the crystal palace, this one also has a reverse so here they are along with the stamps.

Thank you for reading, Sarah xoxox 
Project comming soon... x