Saturday, 7 May 2011

London Landmarks Stamps

My CDT (creative design and technology) teacher at school has his own company and I was talking to him about me making cards and scrapbooking and he told me that he made rubber stamps many years ago. So today he brought me some in free of charge how kind. So I thought Id just share them with you and Ill do a project soon. They are all of famous London landmarks.

The first one is of the houses of parliament.
This is the actual stamps its self. It is so detailed and deeply etched, you can see every single detail.
Here it is stamped. The images are so clear and detailed. They have boarders around the edge but if you didnt want the boarder you could just not ink it.

This is another one it is of the national gallery, this is again very detailed and deeply etched.
Here it is stamped.

The next is of St. Paul's cathedral.

The stamped Version.
This one also has a reverse...

And the final on is of the crystal palace, this one also has a reverse so here they are along with the stamps.

Thank you for reading, Sarah xoxox 
Project comming soon... x

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