Saturday, 14 May 2011

National Scrapbook Day Project

As you all well know it was National Scrapbook Day last saturday, so I thought I'd share my project. Hope you like it.  It's a mini book of my little kitty's, I haven't added any pictures yet, but I'll explain photo sections as we go along. I only just started it so there isn't much done but as I add more I will share it with you.  So here is the front. I believe the paper I used was from the dcwv (die cuts with a view) blossom & butterflies paper stack but I'm not positive. I added some ribbons to the d rings to make it look a bit prettier. 
I also Cut out to little paws from another paper that I have, I stuck one down and I put the other on a pop dot.  I did this throughout the mini so that I can insert photos in and the paws act like photo corners I guess, but I can also move them around if I want to.

This is the second page and as you can see I used the same technique in the middle of this page again for a photo or some journaling paper. 

I added some stickers for a little dimension, they are little glittered and foiled kitty's from Hobbycraft. They don't seem to carry these particular ones anymore but there are some other cute ones. (  
I also used some other stickers from hobby craft there are multiple designs with glazes, strings, ribbons and gems. 

On the next page I set it in the garden. On one side I used a flowery paper from Papermania, and on the other side I cut out leaf's from the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge and used some brown parchment paper to create a tree. I also made a branch to the side on witch I stuck another of the cat stickers. I made a flap in the trunk of the tree so that I can add a hidden photo. 
 Finally the last page I did was a play page its just a plain piece of striped paper so that I can add many photos, but I added a little embellishment in the bottom corner. 
Now I thought I'd add some pictures of my kitty's themselves. 

 They aren't the best pictures but they are cute. 

Me: Sleepy ??? Rascle (cat): How about using the drier as a bed ??? Me: well it it rather warm in there, if you must. 

 Dizzee (cat): How about the sofa ???
Me: go on then. hey thats my cushion !!!

Rascle: yes, have I done something wrong ??? 
 Rascle: I wonder where Dizzee is ??? 

 Rascle: who cares, I'm so cosy !!!
 Rascel: Huh !!!
 Rascle: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
Together again, yay !!!!
Thanks for reading, Sarah xoxox

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