Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Vintage style Car Card

Hey everyone last week was my Grandad's 80th birthday so I wanted to do an old vintage style card. So I used an old car. The card is an 8"x8" square and I made it using two sheets of 12"x12". For more infomation on how I did it you can watch a video on a previous post of mine, heres the link: http://sarahscraftycardz.blogspot.com/2011/08/happy-birthday-mom.html

 For the card blank I used black co-ordinations.  I also used a g.c.d paper pad called paris nights, one of the papers had this script typed over it and I thought that would make a good background. So I cut that at
7 3/4"x7 3/4" and used it as a matt on the card blank.

Next I used the mickey and friends cricut cartridge and cut the old vintage car from page ??? It has a lot of different parts to it just like a real car I guess. I used six different colours, for the base layer I used a creamy colour cardstock from co-ordinations. For the first layer I used a brown colour, this is for the bumper/fender.

For the second layer which makes the door frame, I used a light brown parchment type of paper. The third layer is the wheels/tires and the seats.    

The fourth layer Is the frame of the engine, lights, hubcaps and door handle's. I used a light creamy white colour. For the fifth layer which is the engine grill on the car I used a dark brown colour. Finally I added some pop dots to the back of the car and added it to the card.
 So thats the card I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading Sarah xoxox

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


So here's the box when it had just arrived.And my cat is being nosey as usual. It was a pretty huge box and when I opened it there was loads of packaging and then another tiny little box inside. So I opened it up and found this.  The bind it all box !!! When I opened it up I had to wrestle to get it out, they packaged it good and secure. Included was the bind it all machine itself, the stopper thingee and the o-wires.
I also ordered some pink O-wires. There are 6 12" long coils, I got the 3/4" ones for making mini albums. Ohh and I also got the space bar witch just makes your punches closer to the edge of what ever your punching. 

So once I got my bind[it[all I just had to use it to make a project so I made this mini note book. I used the DCWV blossom butterfly's stack papers for the cover and I just used plain white paper on the inside. I stuck the DCWV to some cereal box card to make it a little stronger I punched all of the wholes in the cover and the inner pages and bound them together.  This note pad is about 6"x4". 
Next I used the create a critter cartridge and cut the "sunny days" phrase at 3" and cut the sun also using a DCWV stack in 2". I used an orange colour for layer 1 and a yellow for layer 2.  

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. 
Sarah xoxox 

Friday, 12 August 2011

Feeling Under the weather

Hey Crafters !!! Today I made a card for my nan's sister as she has just had an operation. obviously I want her to feel better so I made her what I thought was quite a quirky card.
I used DCWV cardstock for the card base, this lovely bright pink colour and cut it down to a 6"x6". Then I cut a black piece at 5 3/4"x 5 3/4" and down one side I used a martha stewart scalloped dots punch.
Next I used the DCWV blossom butterflies stack and cut a piece from the plaid paper at 5 3/4" x 3" and lined it up next to the punched boarder.
 Next i used the create a critter cartridge and cut the umbrella from page 31 at 5" layer one I cut in white and the second layer I cut in the same pink that I used for the base card. Then I ran it through the swiss dotts cuttlebug folder to emboss it.
Finally I used some letraset rub ons to spell out SORRY YOUR FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER. Get it because its an umbrella ??? huh huh huh.

Thanks for reading, Sarah xoxox

Monday, 8 August 2011

Were Off To See The Wizard

Hey Crafty people, I hope you are all well. Today I have another birthday card for you, it was also for my mom. For her gift she went to see the wizard of oz in the theatre, so I thought I'd make her a matching card. 

It's 12"x6" so I just used one sheet of blue from the "MatchMaker Brights Textured Cardstock Stack" by DCWV and folded it in half. After that I took a sheet of green from the  "Solid Glitter Paper Stack" also by DCWV and I drew from a drawing the emerald city and cut it out. I used a black pro marker and wet around the edges to define them and i out it on pop dots and stuck it to the card blank. I also cut a little hill to put in the front. As I did not cut this on my cricut machine I can not give you an exact size but it's about 6" high and 6" wide. 

Next I used the mickey and friends cricut cartridge and cut the little pavement from page 126 as the yellow brick road. I cut it at 4", for the first layer I used orange and for the second layer I used yellow both the papers were from the DCWV stack. 

My mom loves minnie mouse and when I got this cartridge a few months ago she asked me to use it for her birthday card so I cut minnie mouse at 5" from page 90. I wanted to made her look like Dorothy so I cut her dress in a blue colour, and her bow and shoes in a red colour and glittered them. 

So thats the card I hope you like it. 
Thank you for reading, Sarah xoxox

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Birthday Mom !!!

Hello Crafters, I'm back !!!
I was thinking about doing a post, so I went to do one and saw that the last time Id posted was the 2nd of June and I was shocked. I didn't realise it had been so long since I'd posted. In case you didn't know I'm still in school so I don't get enough time to post everyday but for two months wow. As it's the holidays now hopefully I'll be doing a lot of posts and to start off with I'm doing a post for my moms birthday and as a little treat to say sorry to all of my followers I have added my second video, its only a short one but I hope you like it. 

So here is the card, its an 8"x8" square card and I made it using two sheets of 12"x12" co-ordinations card stock from the essentials collection.  

I cut one piece down to 8"x8" and the other at 10"x8". The 10"x8" piece I scored at two inches and folded with a bone folder. I put tape on the two inch boarder lined up the 8"x8" piece and stuck it down so it was an 8"x8" card. This is not a very good explanation so heres a short video to help you understand.(Sorry if you cant hear it very well you might want to use your head phones).
Next I used the mickey and friends cricut cartridge and cut both the layers for the fence at 3", you can find this on page 126. I cut this twice but the second one I used the flip key on the expression machine. For the first layer I used a plain white and for the second layer I used a duck egg blue colour.

Then I used the create a critter cartridge and cut some flowers (I only used layers 1)in  different sizes which I sanded to get an aged look and add some texture, this looks grate with the co-ordinations.For some extra texture and dimension you can put the flowers in the palm of hand and curl them a little by rubbing your bone folder over the back of them a few times.Some of the flowers I cut at 1" and others at 1 1/2" - 2". You can find these flowers on page 47. Next I went back to the mickey and friends cartridge and cut the flower stems from page 109. The smaller ones I cut at 1 1/2" and the larger ones I cut at 3" and just added five or six of flowers whereas on the smaller ones I just used one. 
I added the gate to the card blank and used some dimensional's to add the flowers to the gates. Using the dimensional's gives the flowers a more realistic look. Finally I went back to the create a critter cart again and cut out the happy birthday phrase which you will find on page 27. I cut this at 4".  Again I sanded it because its wasn't really standing out much as it is the same colour as the actual card itself and I also put it on pop dots. Then that was the card finished. 

I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for reading. Sarah xoxox  

Saturday, 2 July 2011

New Cricut Cartridge !!!

Hey everyone. So on friday I ordered the Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge and it come today on saturday !!! Wow so quick. I was soo excited when I heard the post then someone knock at the door. So I rushed down stairs and there it was ...

 Then I got a little less excited because it would just not open, grr !!! I was pulling and pulling and that tape would just not tare. So I turned to the scissors, I should of just picked them up in the first place. :l Anyways, I finally got it open and got soo excited again.


The hand book on this one is seriously thick there was like four different languages in there I think. There are some really good different features on this one though there are the three layers. The first one is for faces, the second is for outfits and if you press the shift key you will get the tongue or something and the third layer is either for shoes, minnie's/daisy's ribbon or goofy/donald's hats. There is an icon feature, shaddow and an icon boarder. So if the icon is mickeys hand thats what the boarder will e of.

 Next I had to have a little play so I got out my Cricut expression machine, my new mats, blades spatula, DCWV card stock stack, a zig 2 way glue pen, my tweezer bee's and of course the Cartridge.  
 I used the DCWV brights textured card stock stack there are some great colours in there that are perfect for this cartridge, the only colour's that aren't in there that you will definitely need are black and brown. There is a red in there but its not red red its a pinky shade of red.

 So I had to have a little play and I decided to make a donald duck. :D One of the reasons I love this cartridge is not just because its disney but also because the characters have a few different poses and facial expressions which makes it work so well with your scrapbook pages.

I cut donald and all of his pieces at 4" just remember not to have the real dial size button on because I did that when I was trying to cut his hat out :l heehe.

I used my tweezer bee's and my zig pen to put him together because there are a lot of small fiddle pieces. The tweezers are helpful to hold them with and the zig pens can get right in to all of the little nooks and crannies.

Here is little donald I love him, he's soo cute. But I wanted to do a little more with him so I ended up using the giant hat that I cut along with some pictures from my trip to Florida this year and I made a little scrapbook page.

I met donald a few years ago also in Florida so I put one of the old ones in there the one in the bottom right, then I added one of me and my mom with him over at magic kingdom near splash mountain and big thunder mountain railroad. He was wearing a little Swede tassel jacket and a funny little hat we were standing in front of a pile of logs down in the bottom left. He loved my top and was trying to kiss it because it had Daisy Duck on it, how sweet was he. After that I went and tried on one of his hats and I out that on there too.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for whats up next. Thank you all again, Sarah xoxox  

Friday, 24 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day !!!

Hey everyone Im sorry I know I'm a little late but my blogger has been down :( But this is the fathers day card I made this year. If you cant see its a shirt and tie. It was nice and quick to make and pretty simple the hardest part for me was probably cutting the collar haha. If you are wondering why I will explain a little farther down. Get it huh huh ??? Not further down, farther down for fathers day, bad joke yeah I know x

So this is the card.  I do love it. I just think its so god darn cute. I actually made this card for my granddad and he always wears shirts and ties and he even has one this colour.

I made it a 6"x6" square card, I used a DCWV stack that is called 'match maker bright textured card stock stack' in bright. The stack is perfect for this card as the texture of the papers is just  like the cotton texture of a shirt.  So the stack is 12"x12" so I just had to cut it in half. 
To make the collar I measured about an inch down from the top and cut in wards leaving about 1"-1 1/2" in the middle. Then I just folded both strips into the middle. Now the reason I said this was probably the hardest part was because I had to cut along the fold of the card. I know what your thinking, that doesn't sound that hard. Well it wasn't. Nothing about this card was.

But anyway, next you'll need to take a 4 1/2" square piece of card. The piece I used was also from a DCWV card stock stack called 'the patterned glittered stack'. This is used to make the tie. First you'll need to fold it in half. I have made a diagram to help you a little more.
First you need to fold it in half diagonally (along the dotted line), then unfold again. Its just like making a paper aeroplane at first because next you'll have to fold the sides in to the line. 

Next turn it over and fold the top pointy part down about a 1/3 of the way. then fold it back up again so it looks like a little swan from the side. 

 Now turn it back over and fold the point down as far as you can to form the knot. Then fold the sides in again to the middle line and your tie should be complete. 

 So I said it was simple. well it was but my explanation might be a little confusing, sorry about that but I tried. haha Thank you for reading Sarah xoxox