Monday, 11 April 2011

Very Late Mothers Day card

My very very late mothers day card.
I have been so busy recently but I finally got to my computer so ...

Its a DL card (8"x4"). In a peachy pinky colour (not sure which brand).
I started out by cutting three scalloped circles from my spellbinders dies. I drew some lines on the back and trimmed them down to make three little dresses.
 Its a bit hard to explain so hopefully these pictures will help.
Count three scallops across each side of the bottom point.
Then draw a line from that point to the opposite top point.
Then cut along the red lines.
Hopefully you will get something that looks like this.

I put ribbon around the waist and added some glitter to each of the scallops.
 I added a piece of ribbon.
And used the cheater method to tie a bow.
I aded a black brad to each end of the ribbon just to keep it in place, and thats that.

Thanks for reading, Sarah xoxox


  1. I didnt hve any spellbinders until today bc i found your cute blog. I love your blog its has some very cute ideas, Im hoping to see more tips and tricks. also thank you for showing me how to sandwich the cuttlebug
    Tanya aka tz

  2. ohh bless your welcome and thank you so much, watch this space and there will be plenty more tips and tricks, especially with the spellbinders dies.
    Sarah xoxox