Saturday, 2 July 2011

New Cricut Cartridge !!!

Hey everyone. So on friday I ordered the Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge and it come today on saturday !!! Wow so quick. I was soo excited when I heard the post then someone knock at the door. So I rushed down stairs and there it was ...

 Then I got a little less excited because it would just not open, grr !!! I was pulling and pulling and that tape would just not tare. So I turned to the scissors, I should of just picked them up in the first place. :l Anyways, I finally got it open and got soo excited again.


The hand book on this one is seriously thick there was like four different languages in there I think. There are some really good different features on this one though there are the three layers. The first one is for faces, the second is for outfits and if you press the shift key you will get the tongue or something and the third layer is either for shoes, minnie's/daisy's ribbon or goofy/donald's hats. There is an icon feature, shaddow and an icon boarder. So if the icon is mickeys hand thats what the boarder will e of.

 Next I had to have a little play so I got out my Cricut expression machine, my new mats, blades spatula, DCWV card stock stack, a zig 2 way glue pen, my tweezer bee's and of course the Cartridge.  
 I used the DCWV brights textured card stock stack there are some great colours in there that are perfect for this cartridge, the only colour's that aren't in there that you will definitely need are black and brown. There is a red in there but its not red red its a pinky shade of red.

 So I had to have a little play and I decided to make a donald duck. :D One of the reasons I love this cartridge is not just because its disney but also because the characters have a few different poses and facial expressions which makes it work so well with your scrapbook pages.

I cut donald and all of his pieces at 4" just remember not to have the real dial size button on because I did that when I was trying to cut his hat out :l heehe.

I used my tweezer bee's and my zig pen to put him together because there are a lot of small fiddle pieces. The tweezers are helpful to hold them with and the zig pens can get right in to all of the little nooks and crannies.

Here is little donald I love him, he's soo cute. But I wanted to do a little more with him so I ended up using the giant hat that I cut along with some pictures from my trip to Florida this year and I made a little scrapbook page.

I met donald a few years ago also in Florida so I put one of the old ones in there the one in the bottom right, then I added one of me and my mom with him over at magic kingdom near splash mountain and big thunder mountain railroad. He was wearing a little Swede tassel jacket and a funny little hat we were standing in front of a pile of logs down in the bottom left. He loved my top and was trying to kiss it because it had Daisy Duck on it, how sweet was he. After that I went and tried on one of his hats and I out that on there too.

Thank you for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for whats up next. Thank you all again, Sarah xoxox  

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